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In August 2022, WIZZFX founders Sam Parker and Chris Nicholls reached out to me with view to redesign their logo and create a brand toolkit for their sound design & audio branding agency. I asked them to send me a moodboard of visual references & design inspiration I could use as a starting point to get an idea of their vision.


Within their moodboard they referenced graphic lines, bright colour, retro textures, bold chunky typography. From this point I started collecting inspiration of my own which influenced the playful and custom nature of the elements I would eventually include in the toolkit.

During the logo design process, I started experimenting with building letterforms from basic shapes, changing up their angles, spacing and weights to compare results which I then presented to Sam & Chris for feedback.

I also wanted to try creating a visual representation of sound through the shapes, so they would almost look like they were vibrating.




The lightning strike shape appeared purely by chance when I was playing with the space between the lettering, so I chose to use it for the brand icon to reflect the striking, electric and exciting vibe of work WIZZFX create.

I wanted to make sure they had lots of choice when it came to logo utilisation, so I created a collection of logo variants which could be used like stickers and even painted / reskinned to co-ordinate with another brand if they wish to customise. The most important thing was that they could have fun with it, without losing visual imact.


Previously their primary shade was a bright but somewhat toned down shade of red, I just needed to take that red and crank up the dial. I wanted to create a colour palette of three vibrant primary colours that could be combined with softer secondary tones to create unique and bespoke graphics for them to communicate a range of different genres of work without it looking repetitive or samey. I used a sound volume levels graphics to arrange the colours into loud, medium, quiet and mute.


I created a collection of stickers in variety of different shades extracted from the colour palette as a fun way to customise social posts, merch, web graphics or anything else they might want to create


I wanted the textures to be reminescent of photocopied DIY gig posters, with bitmapped print that looks like a visual projection of how sound feels while communicating themes of audio production, music genre and equipment.


The brand style guide outlines each element of the graphic toolkit with examples of utilisation and how to avoid common design mistakes with helpful tips.

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