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I’ve been asked a couple of times to illustrate wedding venues with first dance lyrics, you can see the results below. The first is Denton Hall in Yorkshire and the second is St Leonards Church in Shoreditch, London.


I was asked by another couple to design their wedding invites, incorporating peacock feathers, purple and Art Deco in the visuals. I hand marbled the background texture myself and digitally manipulated it into a multi dimensional image. The human heart was a stamp originally that the bride said she loved, so I traced it up and manipulated it to link their names into a kind of logo which they could use across any printed bits they would be using for the wedding.


When I designed the invites for this wedding I took inspiration from Thilini's favourite flower, the frangipane or araliya and the national flower of Sri Lanka, the water lily. She asked for an illustration of her and her partner for the main invites, which I incorporated the botanical illustrations around.

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