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In 2015, Nottingham community project Full Effect and the youth of St Ann’s Estate created a short film based on their real life experiences. They had backing from the Royal Foundation and in February 2015 me and a small group of producers and camera operators went up to Nottingham to film HRH Prince Harry meeting the cast and talking about the film. During that time we produced the first Royal gifs which went viral overnight and produced a huge amount of hype for the film launch. Prior to the premier of the film that evening in Nottingham, we worked with Full Effect and the cast of the film to produce social Templates and branded content to empower them to create noise on social around the launch of the film. I provided art direction for the photos and gifs and created templates optimised for all social channels, as well as working with one of the young people from St Ann’s to tutor him about creating design for social media and giving him photoshop tutorials. You can watch the film Guillemot here >

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