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Initially I was briefed to design an emoji for twitter to celebrate Radio 1’s Big Weekend Hull 2017. They asked if we could include a rainbow gradient and make it look festival themed so I drafted a few ideas and they chose this one.

I then sent the file to an animator who turned it into a motion gif.

We were given a couple of poster files designed by Studio Output and asked to create lanyard gif assets to show the lineups for each stage on each day of the weekend.

To celebrate BBC Radio 1 Live lounge month (a month of new live lounge sessions which are shared everyday on radio and social channels) I was briefed to create an illustration of a Living room / lounge area filled with clues teasing which bands and artists would be playing the Live lounge. Throughout the duration of LiveLounge Month I was asked to create fan-style lyric illustrations for some of the artists that were performing.

A few of the weekly BBC radio 1 assets I’ve been asked to create over the past couple of years, ranging from standard templates which producers can quickly slot images / text into and post on social channels, to bigger imagery produced to promote new releases from huge artists.

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