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I come up with creative concepts for radio shows, events and campaigns on social media, sharing responsibilities with another designer. These are a few samples of the weekly show images we create for facebook and twitter to encourage the 6 music audience to tune in to these shows.

Every year 6 music supports and celebrates record store day Record Store Day with special shows centred around indie music labels. For this particular campaign, I thought it would be cool to hop on google maps and make a gif out of screengrabs to give the images a bit of depth. Before I did that I made a quick template from the copy and logos I'd been sent, making sure to leave a decent space for the audience to recognise the record shop in the background. I chose a translucent orange overlay to unify all the images and co-ordinate with the existing RSD branding.

For Marc Riley’s A-Z of Psychedelia series I was asked to create some typographic artwork inspired by the historic movement incorporating some of the featured bands and the 6 music logo. I looked at 60s festival posters and record covers for inspiration and hand drew all the band names. Once illustrated and vectorised I then made the artwork into a trippy colour change gif to reflect the hallucinogenic vibe of that time.

Every year in November, 6 music celebrates #tshirtday which involves listeners in wearing their fave band tees to work and sharing a pic via the social channels. In 2015 I was asked to illustrate some of the DJs as paper doll cutouts, along with a selection of band tees so that listeners could cut them out and place the tees on the DJs.

In 2016 we collaborated with twitter to make an emoji, that appeared every time anyone used the #tshirtday, which I designed.

The image below was for the Roundhouse 50th anniversary, I was asked to feature a list of bands who had played there and illustrate the venue. For the starting point I gathered a few images for inspiration and sourced a clear image of the venue to draw from. When I was done sketching the venue I created a rough layout with text and logo so I could work out how much space I had for text. I then mapped out the text space and illustrated the typography. Next I vectorised the text and the venue on illustrator and arranged colours along with logo and title. See below for visual process.

6music hosted a week of hip hop themed radio to celebrate the evolution and influence the genre has had on the world from its beginning to the present day. I was asked to create 30 small illustrations teasing some of the biggest hip hop artists of our time as a fun shareable point of conversation on social channels.

As part of Gay Britannia season at the BBC (exploring and celebrating how far gay culture has evolved since The 1967 Sexual Offences Act) I was asked to create a logo for a collection of special broadcasts on 6music which would be themed ‘Loud and Proud’. They asked me to make it look fun and like it had come from a punk zine, potentially including an amp, so I came up with a few ideas and then refined them down to an agreed logotype based on feedback and suggested amends.

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